Congratulations to 6 Alberta Instructors!!!!

07 Nov 2016 9:21 AM | Troy Feener (Administrator)

This last weekend in Toronto six instructors from Alberta travelled to Toronto for the Canadian Chito Ryu Karate Association's AGM.  Concurrently they were each graded by a panel of Kyoshi and Higashi Sensei.

I'm pleased to announce that they ALL were successful!!!!! 

Sensei Harvey Hiob, Edmonton Yoseikan - Renshi

Sensei Andre Buret, Calgary Chito Ryu - Renshi

Sensei Brent Hemington, Calgary Chito Ryu - Shihan

Sensei Troy Feener, Calgary Chito Ryu - Yondan

Sensei Jennifer Ming, Calgary Chito Ryu - Yondan

Sensei Jennifer Sykes, Calgary Chito Ryu - Yondan



  • 10 Nov 2016 8:07 AM | Chad Durocher
    Congratulations to all. Hard work pays off. SEIKO.
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