UPDATE - Calgary Chito Ryu Karate is temporarily cancelling all in-person classes as a response to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the Province.  We must put the safety of our students first and so we are offering Zoom classes until such time as we can start our in-person classes again. 

Here is a link to our Zoom class details.

COVID-19 has significantly altered the way in which we as a Society can safely interact with one another.  Social distancing measures now dictate how activities, such as karate, can be performed in groups and where such events can take place.  In order to comply with Provincial health measures we have adapted to make our classes safer.


Capitol Hill Community Association on 21st Ave off 14th St NW is our new home for the foreseeable future.  The Main Hall has a capacity for 40 people with new social distancing measures.  Entrance is from 21st Ave through the Foyer.  The benefits of this new space is that there are much fewer individuals passing through the main hall on a daily basis.  Additionally, the Capitol Hill Community Association provides professional cleaning all touch-points, floors, and washrooms after EVERY class or event in the facility.  


All Karate styles utilize three main components in their physical training arsenal - Kihon (basics), Kata (forms), and Kumite (sparring).  In Chito Ryu Karate we are lucky to have two other less common components: Kobujutsu (weapons) and Bunkai (application).  Of those five separate components, only two -Kumite and Bunkai - actually require any physical contact with a training partner.  This means that we are still able to continue to train three of the five physical components in Chito Ryu karate while maintaining a COVID safe environment.  

But regardless of our current social distancing limitations, we will also continue to train our students in THE most important aspects of our Karate training - learning to succeed through Peace, Perseverance, and Hard Work.  Our style's founder (Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose) laid out these three basic principles as the most important things one can learn from Karate.  We continue to re-enforce these guiding principles to all of our students and teach them that regardless of the obstacles we encounter in life, we can reach our goals by following these principles.


  1. Registration and payments will be ONLINE only.  We are going completely paperless to limit contact points.  
  2. Social Distancing - No more than 40 people can be inside the Main Hall (pre-COVID capacity was 200) at any one time given the physical size of the space.  All Students and Instructors will strive to maintain 6' or 2m distance at all times.  There will be marks on the floor to indicate where students are to stand while training in the hall.
  3. Mask wearing is optional - Sports and other forms of exercise are exempt from the public mandate for masks while engaged in physical activity.  When not engaged in physical activity, masks must be worn.  This means that when entering and exiting the building everyone will be required to wear a mask.
  4. There are no change-rooms available on-site and so all participants will now be required to arrive with their uniforms on.  Bathrooms are available for use but occupancy is limited.
  5. Due to the reduced capacity within the hall, we can no longer allow parents and visitors to watch our classes.  Only active participants can be in the hall during training.  Additionally, we will now require all students to digitally reserve each class ahead of time so that we do no exceed our maximum capacity for any one class and nobody gets turned away at the door due to a full class.
  6. If a student requires a piece of equipment such as a Bo (staff) for use in class, they will be assigned one for their personal use which they will need to bring to each class.  This equipment cannot be shared with anyone else.  Students will have to return the equipment at the end of the training year or when COVID restrictions are lifted.

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